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Black coconut

"Black Coconut" is a captivating and exotic scent that brings an air of mystery and tranquility into any space. This candle's fragrance evokes the essence of a secluded, moonlit beach beneath a canopy of swaying palm trees. The top note is a rich and creamy coconut, offering a smooth and comforting sweetness. Infused within this base, there's a subtle darkness, a touch of intrigue, with hints of deep, smoky undertones like charred wood and roasted nuts. These complexities add depth to the coconut, creating a truly unique and evocative aroma.


Top – Coconut


Middle – Tropical Flowers


Bottom – Cedar wood

Black coconut


Introducing our Candle Refills for our luxury collection. Once your candle is finished, gently wash out the vessel with warm water & mild soap. Place your new refill in the vessel & enjoy! This is a great way to reuse your vessels without creating more waste.

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